10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About The US Congress

They Have A Satellite TV Network You Will Probably Never Watch


Alhurra TV is part of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN), a group of media companies set up and funded by Congress. The group includes two television stations, (Alhurra and Alhurra-Iraq), two radio stations (Radio Sawa and Afia Darfur), and several websites (Alhurra.com, RadioSawa.com, Irfaasawtak.com, and maghrebvoices.com).

MBN is funded by the US Agency for Global Media (formerly the Broadcasting Board of Governors), a government agency affiliated with Congress. Alhurra means “the free one” in Arabic. It is Congress’s attempt to take the news to Middle Eastern and North African countries it says are “not free” or “partly free.”

In truth, the media group was set up to counter pro-Middle Eastern outlets like Al Jazeera and Al-Arabiya, and even pro-Western media groups like BBC Arabic and CNN Arabic. However, the Middle East Broadcasting Networks are controversial in the Middle East and North Africa, where they are viewed as a propaganda arm of the US government.

They’ve Got A Private Subway


The United States Capitol Subway System is a private subway under the Capitol Building. It was launched in 1901 to allow congressmen and their staff quickly move to and from their offices. Trips are short and barely last one minute.

The subway started off as an underground road. At the time, transportation services were provided by battery-powered cars that traveled at 19 kilometers per hour (12 mph). The cars ran backwards for the return trip.

The road was replaced with a monorail in 1912. This shortened a trip to a mere 45 seconds. The front seats of the trains were reserved for senators, who called the trains by ringing a bell. The subway tends to be most busy during votes.

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